A complete system for health testing.

Scout's smart health tests are the future of healthcare, with a digital-first approach that allows you to track your results and share them conveniently.

Scout Hub

The Scout System

The Scout system requires the Scout Hub, Scout Test Kits, and the Scout Connect mobile app to run our smart health tests. Our bundles include everything you need for testing, and additional test kit refills are available as single kits or bulk packs.

Scout Hub

Scout Hub

The Scout Hub is portable, reusable, and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It requires A/C power and uses Scout Test Kits and the Scout Connect app to run tests.

Scout Test Kits

Scout Test Kits are single-use and contain everything you need to run a test. They are individually bagged, contain no electronic waste, and are shelf-stable for 12 months.*

Scout Connect

Scout Connect is a required mobile app that provides instructions, runs tests, and stores exportable test results. Available on iOS and Android.

Scout vs. Rapid Antigen Tests

Scout advances home health testing with our smart system. By leveraging new technology, Scout can dramatically improve performance of home health tests, leading to real, actionable benefits that you can use to keep yourself safe and your loved ones healthy.

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Earlier Detection

Scout tests use molecular chemistry, similar to PCR, to enhance sensitivity. Molecular tests can detect active infection 2-3 days before a rapid antigen test.

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Reliable Results

COVID Scout is 99% as accurate as high-sensitivity lab PCR, with no false positives. This means only one test is needed for a final result, while rapid antigen tests require 2-3.

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Result within 30 minutes

Rapid antigen tests are fast, but Scout tests run 10-30 minutes on average and notify you when they are complete. Unlike antigen tests, your results are available in plain language instead of needing to interpret faint lines.

At-home testing made simple

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes 2 COVID Scout Test Kits and 1 Scout Hub

Family Pack

Family Pack

The Family Pack includes 4 COVID Scout Test Kits and 1 Scout Hub

Professional Pack

Professional Pack

The Professional Pack includes 20 COVID Scout Test Kits (1 case) and 1 Scout Hub


What can you test for?

Currently, our only FDA-authorized test is for COVID, but we are developing tests for most common illnesses.

What is the Scout system?

The system has 3 components: the reusable Scout Hub, single-use Scout test kits, and the Scout Connect mobile app. All 3 are required to run a test.

What makes Scout different?

Scout is a molecular test that uses technology similar to PCR lab-grade tests you would receive at a clinic. This means more sensitive and accurate detection, sometimes days before symptoms or other rapid tests would come up positive.

How accurate is the test?

The Scout COVID Test results have an overall accuracy of rate 98.7%.*
*These claims are currently under review by the FDA

How long does it take?

A Scout test takes only a minute or two to set up and run, and most tests will complete within 30 minutes. The Scout Connect app will notify you when your test is complete.

Can Scout tests be used by anyone?

Scout tests are designed to be used by symptomatic individuals only.

What happens if I get a positive result?

Stay well rested and hydrated. Wear a mask and isolate. Maintain clean hygeine by washing your hands.

Can Scout detect new COVID variants?

Scout constantly monitors emerging variants of concern and interest and performs analysis to determine if COVID Scout can detect these variants. To date, COVID Scout will detect all Variants of Concern (VOCs).

What should I do if I receive an inconclusive test result?

Although invalid results are uncommon, they can happen. Scout will send a new test kit for any invalid or inconclusive results received. To request your kit, please follow the instructions in the app after an invalid result.

Does the Hub run off of a battery?

The Scout Hub requires external power via USB-C, through the included A/C wall plug.

Do I need internet access to run a test?

Internet access is required to create an account and to log in. Once logged in, users can use the test offline. You do not need internet access to run a test, however to have your test results synced to your account you will need to establish an internet connection. Scout Connect runs the test via a Bluetooth connection to the Hub, so you will need to be near the Hub to start the test and receive your results.

Does insurance cover Scout tests?

Currently, the Scout Hub and Scout tests should be covered under FSA/HSA accounts, although this may vary depending on your insurance. If you are interested in having Scout tests billed to your insurance, have your provider contact us.

Does Scout offer a subscription or bulk discounts for organizations?

We do! Please contact our sales team for more information.

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